Free School of Architecture

Feral Atlas
/ Feral Atlas as a Verb

Vegetation Under Power

Nobody Knows Where the Building Is

2022. LUNCH 16: Descent
2022. Constellating Landscapes
2022. Earth Moving Stuff
2022. Making Matters: Lexicon of Material Practices
2022. Review: Estación Tapachula
2021. Infrastructures in the More-Than-Human Anthropocene
2021. Architects Draw the Anthropocene
2020. Flow Maps and Moving Drawings
2019. Pen-Pal Pictures Presents Red Desert
2019. Revisit: Biblioteca Vasconcelos
2018. Review: Casa Bruma
2018. The Free School of Architecture Is...
2014. Observations on the Social Facade
2014. Privately Owned Public Space
2013. Curating Affect/Control/Timbre
2013. Law of the Land

2022. CIBO E LAGUNA: IUAV Venezia Living Lab Workshop Introduction to Feral Atlas
2022. Bauhaus Study Rooms 2022: Engaging with Dirt 
2021. Symposium Bauhaus Lab 2021 Vegetation under Power
2021. Ámà: 4 Days on Caring, Repairing and Healing Feral Atlas: The More-Than-Human Anthropocene
2021. Cosmic Conversations Atlases, Images, Narratives: Gathering as a way of thinking
2021. FIBER Reassemble Part 1: Weaving with Worlds Feral Atlas as a Worldbuilding Project
2021. Terrestrial University Every Plant has a Story (to tell)
2020. Driving the Human Opening Festival Introduction to Feral Atlas
2020. Making Matters Symposium 2020 Introduction to Feral Atlas
2020. FSA x Pratt Futures x Covid Commons Drafting a Horizontal Studio
2020. TEDx Cambridge University Salon The World Unravelled
2019. School Fundamental: Parliament of Schools Free School of Architecture

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